Blackjack One Step Back Two Steps Forward

Blackjack is famed all over the world for being the ultimate casino game – and its popularity in cyberspace is higher than ever. The game’s simple fundamentals, coupled with real strategy play and power moves, make it a must play for all aspiring gamers. Check out the quick start basics, simple strategic game-play and the infamous side betting power.

Blackjack to basics

Blackjack is based on the classic old game of 21 – with essentially the same basic aims:

  • Receive 2 cards at the start of each blackjack round
  • Aim to build a value of 21 or less, without going past 21 (bust)
  • Hit to get another card and boost your combo value
  • Stand to hold all your cards and match up against the dealer’s combo
  • Use cool blackjack bets to increase the stakes when things are in your favor
  • Match an Ace and 10 to hit blackjack and become invincible

Blackjack power-ups

Blackjack really comes to life with the use of side betting features; the double down, insurance bet, and side wager. If you can master these little gaming gems, the dealer had better take cover!

Double down

With the potential to boost payouts by 100%, doubling-down is the world’s favorite casino bet! After the initial deal, just click double down to increase your stake by 100% – the dealer will give you one more card to add to your hand, and you’ll enter straight into the showdown to see if you’ve won!

Split wager

A little like the double down, but for most gamers a little less exciting! Splitting pairs creates 2 combos and wagers, giving you two opportunities to play out the round and beat the dealer!


The ultimate way to take revenge on the dealer for hitting blackjack and taking your cash! Clicking insurance means you get paid out for correctly predicting blackjack – now that’s one cool casino option!

Strategy power

While it would be nice to play and win blackjack games like a Vegas card counter, it’s out of reach for most online gamers. However, rather than merely using logic to try and build a hand as close as 21 and hoping for the best, there are many simple systems that claim to boost your chances of winning, by making power moves at the right time. For instance, the double down system below is a real favorite with serious casual gamers:

Double down when:

  • The dealer’s face card is 4, 5 or 6 and your 2 card combo = 10 or 11
  • The dealer’s face card is between 3 and 6 and your hand has an Ace and a number card

Don’t double down when:

  • The house’s face-up card is a 10 or a face