BlackJack – The Most Famous Casino Game

Blackjack is one of the most famous games found in Las Vegas, and casinos all over the world. What’s more, the infamous professional card counters are able to smash the house by analyzing the pack to know precisely how to bet for an edge – something that has wiped millions from the tables of Sin City. However, for most players, the house has an advantage over them – and because they player has to move first, if you bust (score over 21) it’s round over, even if the dealer happens to bust too! While you can try to develop some serious card counting skills – it takes time and a real dedication to raise your skills sufficiently enough to get a real edge of 05-1%. However, whatever you blackjack level and aspirations – never forget the game’s fundamental tips for better results:

Find a low table edge

Blackjack tables have a built-in casino edge – meaning if you play with no skill, the house will take cash from you in the long run. However, some casino blackjack tables are more player-friendly than others – and it’s easy to unintentionally start playing at a seriously mean table! So, be sure to check that your blackjack game offers payouts in excess of 95% (below a 5% edge). In addition, some blackjack tables offer rule variations which are also considered to offer more of an advantage to the player; particularly 2 card double-down options, and Dealer standing on Soft 17.

Basic blackjack for basic success

You don’t need to be Vegas big shot to play blackjack with a basic bit of strategy. Fundamentally in blackjack – the dealer is forced to hit for another card if they have a combo of 16 or less. Naturally, this means that the player simply cannot win with a score under 17, unless the house busts. The take home message is clear – you should hit if your score is less than 17, if the dealer holds the following cards:

Ace, K, Q, J, 10, 9, or 8

In contrast, it’s considered advantageous for the player to stand if they have a combo of 11 or more, and the dealer holds one of the following cards (statistically they will bust on around 40% of hands).
4,5, or 6

Play the advantageous bets

Many blackjack pros suggest novice gamers avoid the insurance wager – but in contrast, knowing how to double and split can pay some nice dividends.

Double down

The double has to be the coolest bet in existence – the chance to double your original liability after analyzing the initial 2 card deal! You than hit for another card and stand. What’s more, by knowing when to double – you can benefit from blackjack’s most powerful player edge:

  • Double-down if you have a 10 and the house has 9 or less
  • Double-down if you have a hand of 11
  • Some games allow you to double with a 9 or soft hands of 13-17, when the dealer has a value of 4-6.


Splitting in blackjack enables you to create two hands from pair of like-value cards. Again knowing when to split can aid your blackjack success:


  • 8’s or 7’s if the casino has a card that’s the same value or less.
  • 2’s or 3’s if the dealer has 4, 5 or 6
  • Aces

Don’t Split:

  • 5’s or 10’s
  • Face cards
  • 10’s
  • 5’s