Cranck Up Excitement with Blackjack

If you want to give your life some well-deserved Vegas style, then online blackjack is the game to play – whether you’re a hardcore gamer or novice. Down the years, blackjack has crushed more casinos and taken more winnings from the jaws of famous casinos – than any other game! This fact gives the game fame, as the gamers’ friend. Of course, you need luck and skill to win – but you can play for pure entertainment and replicate the magic of Vegas in your own home (or office!) In fact, thanks to the latest gaming engines, online blackjack looks stunning, providing the perfect environment for ultra-real fantasy gaming, or if you’re skilled – some very serious casino sessions.

Whether you wish to play blackjack to try and become the next genuine skill gaming success, or just desire refined fun and excitement – blackjack is ultra-easy at a basic level. After all – the general aim of the game is to simply beat the dealer by crafting a hand with a higher value than the house. You can build your hand up to a value of 21, but going over that score instantly busts your combo – losing you the round. The blackjack combo pays out at 3:2, and once you hit the magic hand (Ace + 10) – the best the dealer can do is match you to void the play.

  • Dealer and player start the game with a 2 card deal
  • Hit for more cards until you’re ready to Stand for the showdown
  • Highest value hand = win
  • Begin new round

Blackjack – crank up the excitement

Although there’s an array of different blackjack styles – almost every game contains the power of double betting, splitting and insurance wagering. The double down wager is the ultimate blackjack bet, with the power to make the dealer cry into their pit! Check out the fun and thrill of the blackjack power-ups.
Double down After the deal, click the awesome double bet button to double your stake, and then automatically Hit for another card before you stand
Split Split pairs to attack the dealer with 2 separate hands
Insurance Dealer about to hit blackjack? Then click insurance to bet on their success!

Strategic blackjack kudos

Card counting has gained fame for its power to smash the casinos, with 100% skill and strategy! However, it’s beyond the scope of regular gamers, because it needs huge stakes and years of perfection. The answer is to play blackjack with a basic strategy – which guides gamers towards more winning hands. Strategy cards can be found all over the web, so grab one and get gaming.