The Thrill Of Gambling Wins

Online gambling means different things to different people – ranging from a form of light hearted entertainment, to an extremely hardcore activity. However, one thing that generally still affects all types of online gambling fans is the psychological element of gambling. Check out the power of the mind and how it can help you gamble in web casinos or when sports betting.

Online Gambling Wins

Firstly, regardless of your gambling level – there’s little doubt you love gambling when you’re winning – nothing feels as nice as beating the casino or whatever gambling niche you opt for. It’s often said that the thrill of gambling wins is due to the intrinsic risk of a wager losing. So, whether you gamble with stakes of 0.01 on the slots or a hardcore 100.00 per hand at the poker table, winning feels good. And – that takes us on to the problem area – losing!

Everyone hates losing

While the risk of gambling can make it fun – ironically no one wants to get that losing feeling! Unfortunately, even for professional gamblers losing is part of the ‘game’. The key is to ensure that your losing bets and sessions are controlled (half the battle is minimizing losses to enable your winning gambles to pay).

Tips for developing the gambling mind-set

If you ever happen to chat to a gambling pro, you’ll probably be amazed by how often they actually hit losing sessions and bets – but still make a nice profit on a consistent basis.

One factor that hardcore gambling pros understand is the concept of how all that’s needed to win at gambling is a small ‘edge’. For example, if you can find a genuine edge of 0.5%, then it’s a ticket to profit; for instance, consider an average edge of 1 credit per session? It seems pretty insignificant when gambling with 0.10, but if you grew a bank to sustain a wager level of 50.00 per credit/round – that’s 50.00 profit per session! Now – this isn’t a call to go and gamble with big stakes and high risk. Rather – it’s a reminder that finding an edge is the key to gambling success. Once you’ve found an edge, you should be able to build and compound a gambling bank into serious stake levels.

Of course, whether your focus is on casino or sports gambling, it’s not necessarily easy to find that edge! There are however numerous ways to consider; gambling skill games, statistical analysis and potentially even gambling systems (although they can be high risk, some serious gamblers do make them pay).

Check out some classic tips for gambling with control:

  • Always approach gambling with strict budgeting and stop loss limits
  • If you’re a novice or un-disciplined, set modest profit targets and bank the cash regularly!
  • Gamble with level stakes unless using a specific staking plan
  • Use a low level of gambling liability per wager (for example gamble with 0.5% of your bank)

Gambling Online with Attractive Bonuses

Online gambling has taken the world by storm and has since its inception been fast replacing traditional brick & mortar casinos, online gambling presents many advantages over brick & mortar casinos, for example they are simpler to use, you can play all your favorite casino games including those that you wouldn’t find in a land based casino all in the comfort of your house, this reduces transport cost and the risk of getting cheated at an illegal casino in places were gambling is banned. Online casinos also offer players attractive bonuses which are a great way to make money; you can also get to play free casino games on most online casinos.

Not all casinos are good some casinos most online casinos are known for fraudulent activities and have been known to rob people of their hard earned cash. the most common form of fraudulent casino behavior includes not allowing players to make withdrawals, you can usually tell these casinos by the unrealistic bonuses that they offer for example the chances that a casino will give you a 200% bonus on your deposit is highly unlikely, so if the offer sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Some fraudulent casinos have software that makes it impossible for players to win, because the house edge is too much such that odds of any player winning are very low.

A casino with a record of fraudulent behavior are called rogue casinos, this casino is placed on a blacklist of rogue casinos these lists are available on the internet for people to see and help them avoid theses online casinos. Rogue casinos usually refuse or delay to pay a player their withdrawal in the hope that the player will play the money in their account until there is nothing left. Fewer casinos use cheating software, the computer systems that have been known to cheat are Oyster gaming, Casino Bar, Elka System these systems are not reliable because the operator can adjust the odds. Reliable computer gaming systems include Microgaming, and Realtime gaming, Playtech etc so if you find an online casino that uses this software then you are assured that you are not going to get scammed. Knowing what to look out for in a good casino is important if you want to avoid getting scammed because there are casinos that open today and the next day they are closed.