Online Roulette

Online Roulette

Among casual gamers, online roulette is the number one strategy game, for players looking for ways to beat the casino. The main reason roulette is so popular – is the fact that you can bet on even money selections, which themselves can be integrated into statistical gambling systems.
The Martingale System is the most famous roulette system in use, and can be used instantly by any level of gamer with a modest bank roll:

  • Bet 1 Credit on Even Money (For example, 0.50 Odds)
  • Spin the reel
  • Losing bet: Bet again with 100% more cash (1.00 Odds)
  • Winning bet: Stop betting and re-start with 1 credit

Example chain:

  • 0.50 Black (lose)
  • 1.00 Black (lose)
  • 2.00 Black (lose)
  • 4.00 Black (lose)
  • 8.00 Black (win)

Roulette strategy payouts

Roulette systems focus on even money wagers, meaning the payouts are relatively small, usually delivering a 1-unit profit per winning cycle. However, if you hit a hot session, you can scoop a large volume of wins and zero loses. For example, if you played with a unit stake of £10, and completed 10 winning cycles in 1 hour, you’d bank £100. Many gamers get lucky with progressive roulette betting, and if you’re one of them, you can quickly turn a very small bank into an impressive sum – delivering virtually risk-free gaming with higher wage levels.

Roulette strategy risk/discipline

Statistically, roulette systems are designed to be ‘un-beatable’, when run through computer analysis. However, because it’s very risky to bet past 6 losing wagers, you’ll be forced to quit when you hit unlucky cycles (many gamers use a 5-6 bet stop loss limit). Losing chains aren’t fun, but it’s essential to accept them and wait for your luck to change.

Start out with minimum wage levels, and gradually build your bank and credit value. Overall, thousands of gamers claim to make good cash playing online roulette Canada strategically, so take the hits on the chin and see if you can grind out a serious long term profit.

Bonus roulette

Free casino bonuses are an excellent way to start experimenting with roulette strategies, offering a zero risk, real money environment. In addition, because roulette systems have a high chance of working, they often deliver the chance to bank the full real money bonus winnings. And, if you get unlucky – you’ve lost nothing and can either keep gaming, or surf to another gaming niche.

Maximize Your Gambling Potential on Roulette

Although the web is a serious gambling paradise, it needs treating with care and respect – whatever you gambling level and aspirations. Check out a selection of top tips to help you gamble sensibly – and maximize your fund and reward potential.

Budget your gambling

‘Budgeting can be boring’ – but it’s a critical element of online gambling. Not only does it protect you from losing money you can’t afford to lose, it also makes sure you gambling remains fun – win or lose! There’s an old saying that if you can get regular gambling success – then you can turn a penny in to a pound. In other words – start out with a sensible bank roll (such as £10 per week), use low wager levels and gauge your success before thinking about bigger risk levels.

Level staking

You should use a gambling bank that can sustain a typical losing run. Most pro gamblers recommend gambling with 1 to 2% of your bank roll per wager. So, if your gambling bank is £100, you play roulette with £1 or £2 per spin. Gambling with random bet values is a sure-fire way to long term failure, because you’ll eventually get lucky with your low wager levels and then get unlucky when you gamble big! This is why chasing losses will doom a gambler to failure. The route to sustained gambling success is ‘slow and steady’ (unless you happen to strike a big jackpot win!).

Compound your stakes

While randomly increasing the stakes you gamble with is ill advised, increasing them systematically is not. Countless gamblers know the secret of compounding stakes – simply put, the concept of doubling your stakes when your bank doubles. This strategy is the fastest way to increase your profits, without silly risks. If you strike a big jackpot win – it’s advisable to withdraw most of your winnings rather than compound your stakes!

  • Bank £100 = wager with 1.00
  • Bank £200 = wager with 2,00
  • Bank £1000 = wager with 10.00

Naturally – many online gambling fans like to skim a percentage of their profits, so one option is to scoop 50% of your regular gambling payouts, and re-invest the remainder to help you compound your wager level.
By gambling with a little logic, you can avoid many of the common pitfalls that curse online gamblers. You’ll ensure your gambling is always fun, intrinsically rewarding – and potentially profitable.